Ethics is a fundamental value in the development of our work, it is a confidence generating factor that represents a true hallmark of distinction that our customers and the market value in an extraordinary way.
In GBS FINANCE we expect all our professionals to behave according to the highest ethical standards, governed by their desire to do the right thing.
To ensure this objective, GBS FINANCE’s management has approved a Code of Ethics that guides all professionals on what should be their way of acting in situations of difficult ethical management and has an Ethical Channel for communication and reporting of possible irregularities committed within the company.


Our Code of Ethics aims to establish the ethical values ​​and principles that govern the company’s performance, as well as the general guidelines of conduct that must be followed, in the performance of its functions, all its administrators, managers, employees and those other persons whose activity is expressly submitted Code of Ethics.
Violating the Code of Ethics is considered a serious event that entails consequences for the offender or for those who are knowledgeable and do not communicate it.


The Ethics Channel is a tool that allows you to communicate, in a confidential manner, those potentially irregular activities that may involve a breach of the Code of Ethics or the commission of a crime in the company.
In GBS FINANCE we consider the Ethical Channel an opportunity to improve our organization, which allows us to detect behaviors that are contrary to our ethical principles and to solve possible doubts about unclear or ambiguous situations, which may compromise our principles and values.