Family Office Wealth Management

Global wealth management for high net-worth clients

GBS Finance Family Office was founded in 2003, and offers wealth management and investment advisory services to high net worth clients. Our Family Office wealth management business model is clear, simple, transparent and global. Fundamentally, its aim is to preserve capital and to optimize the structure of the investment portfolios of its clients, regardless of the institutions in which their investments are deposited.

Our company is fully owned by the partners, who are professionals with many years of experience in prestigious financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Guggenheim, etc.

GBS Finance Family Office is registered with regulators in those countries where it operates wealth management services:

  • Spain- GBS Finanzas Investcapital A.V. – regulated by the Spanish Stock Exchange Commission (CNMV), and registered as “Empresas de Servicios de Inversión” (number 232).
  • USA.- GBS Finance LLC – regulated by the SEC.





1. Investment Portfolio Analysis & Optimization

The first step in our Family Office is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client’s portfolio, consolidating all investments in a single tailor-made report. This global vision is the basis to obtain and optimize the overall profitability of the portfolio, and also to monitor risk


2. Build a More Efficient Wealth Management Platform

We work with the most efficient banks for each type of investment, renegotiating the terms / current costs of the portfolio. We can obtain favorable terms thanks to our volume and synergies of the Multifamily Office:

  • SICAV: Conditions of management and custodial services
  • Brokerage costs, transaction, custody, best execution…
  • Credit facilities and a policies

Rebates and incentives obtained by our Family Office are returned in full to the client, avoiding potential conflicts of interest.


3. Define Optimal Wealth Management Strategy

  • Product selection through a thorough independent analysis.
  • Optimize cash and fixed income across different entities which offer attractive interest rates and that have recognized solvency.

4. Optimize Tax Planning

Tax planning is integrated into our wealth management process.