One of the main independent investment banks in Southern Europe, Latam and China

People are the greatest asset a company has. It is the people within a company which make the difference and allow it to reach a high level of excellence. With this in mind, at GBS Finance we have put together magnificent workforce, with more than 100 professionals across Spain, Portugal, USA, China and Latin America. Furthermore, we understand that a crucial part of our medium and long-term success is to constantly scout every market in search for talented individuals.

As an international entity that offers its customers highly individualized attention, we believe that diversity must be a key element in our organization, both in terms of our structure and our staff. Each individual who joins GBS Finance does so with unique needs, and it is our duty to have the right people to satisfy those needs.

Those who develop their career with us will find in GBS Finance a place where they can enhance their individual potential. Our company cultivates an environment of hard work and has resources aimed at achieving maximum commercial efficiency and expanding business opportunities for the firm and its professionals. We fulfill this, in accordance with the values ​​that define us, which are always linked to our long-term commitment to the client:



GBS Finance is one of the leading advisory entities in southern Europe and Latin America, with a total of over 350 closed deals.


We are an independent entity, oriented at all times to maximize the value to our clients, avoiding conflicts of interest.


Our senior team, which has extensive experience in investment banking and private equity, provides an exhaustive knowledge of the market and direct access to any financial investor or source both nationally or internationally.


A large part of GBS Finance’s work is based on the knowledge of our clients and the contribution of new ideas that fit in with their future development plans.


An essential factor in maintaining the long-term trust of our clients.


We are rigorous and demanding in our work, we are based on professionalism, honesty and efficiency.