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We generate investment opportunities, facilitate access to capital and advise management teams to develop their expansion plans.

GBS Finance Investments supports start-ups, or projects already underway that need new sources of financing.

We accompany our clients in their expansion and internationalization processes, offering all kinds of financial solutions.

Areas of activity

Start - Ups

We facilitate access to private capital access for new ventures, for their start-up and take-off of the business.
We help in the creation, structuring and
investment/co-investment in new projects, generating
direct investment opportunities for third parties.

Development / expansion of projects

We facilitate access to capital expansion or development capital for projects with proven business models that require financing to boost their growth.

We advise management teams to carry out MBOs, MBIs and BIMBOs that require an additional source of capital additional to what they can achieve by their own means.

Invested Companies

Investments Team