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Special Situations Group

We monetize any complex financial and real estate situation

The first comprehensive platform for the NPAs and RE markets, with the combination of investment banking expertise and the industrial knowledge of relevant market players.

At GBS Special Situations Group we offer a selection of advisory services depending on the type of product/asset and its situation.

Our advisory services include:

NPA Portfolio Transactions

Primary and Secondary non-performing (“NPA”) banking portfolio transactions including real estate, secured or unsecured problematic credit in any kind of legal situation

  • Non-Performing and Written-off Loans (NPLs)
  • Performing (PL/SPL) & Re-performing Loans (RPL)
  • Secured, Unsecured, Autoloan & REOs
  • All collateral typologies (Residential Mortgages, RE developer loans, CRE, Industrial, Hospitality, Autoloans, Aviation, etc.)

Credit Special Opportunities

Tailor-made liquidity solutions through singular credit refinancing or divestment and alternative lending

  • Single name credit divestment
  • Alternative Lending (Rescue Financing, Bridge Funding, Mezzanine Financing, etc.)
  • Restructurings and Business recovery services

RE Special Opportunities

Financial and RE advisory in Real Estate oriented special opportunities to potential Investors, Property Developers, and RE Lenders

  • Fund raising
  • Creation of RE Investment Joint Ventures (Residential RE transactions (asset repositioning projects) 
  • Real Estate Corporate M&A

Real Estate Investment Management (GBS REIM)

Asset Management solutions via origination/structuring, Due Diligence, pricing and preparation of BP, with subsequent PMO / management and reporting for different equity and financing Real Estate themes. Current on-going special purpose vehicles:

  • Living and alternative RE investments
  • Luxury and high-end Hospitality
  • Credit and alternative lending investment

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