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Our services include:


Optimization of Banking Structure

Optimizing the banking structure

The client’s assets will remain in the original bank account. GBS Finance Family Office could even improve it using the agreements with first level international private banks.

The objective of optimizing the banking structure is to eliminate any conflict of interests and to improve the cost structure. GBS Finance Family Office acts exclusively as the point contact with the entities which client chooses, focusing only on asset management.

Cost Savings

Cost saving

In compliance with our total transparency policy, the client is the only person to pay our family office service fees. All the savings or regressions which are obtained from product providers or depositaries, will be fully returned to the client.

This eliminates the conflict of interest that banks and other financial institutions have when receiving fees from the product or from the portfolio rotation.

Optimization of Investments

Investment Optimization

A “100% open architecture” allows our family office to expand and optimize the investment portfolio returns. We have total access to any benchmark institution, which allows us to work with the best managers avoiding conflict of interest.

Global Investment Structure

Global structure

360º vision and a special focus on the family office client.

We invest globally in any kind of asset, with no country restrictions.

Furthermore, if the client wishes, we can carry out a portfolio diversification against traditional investments with investments in Private Equity, Real Estate and others.

Business Model

  • On the basis of preserving the wealth of our clients, we have adopted an approach that embraces personalized and controlled risk, for which we have a business model characterized by:

Global Investment Structure


Our “100% open architecture” enables us to have a broader view and optimize the profitability of the investment portfolio. We have full access to any institution in its sector, allowing us to work with the best managers without any conflicts of interest.

No depository risk


GBS Finance does not offer depositary services. This means that the client will continue to have their funds deposited at the bank of his/her choice and continue to receive all of the information from those entities. GBS Finance will act as an intermediary, offering the client straightforward and unified management with a global scope.

Investment Efficiency


GBS Finance consolidates all information regarding investments and compiles a tailor-made report for each client. This full and clear vision of each portfolio is the basis for controlling profitability, optimizing the portfolio and better monitoring of risk.

Cost Management


The family office client is the only person who pays our fees. Any savings or rebates obtained from the product providers or custodians are returned in full to our clients. This removes the conflict of interest that banks and other financial institutions have of receiving commissions based on products or rotation of the investment portfolio.


Reduced risk by avoiding the concentration of investments in a single depositary
Optimization of portfolio costs
Access to International Operations desks
› Wide range of investment ideas with international bias