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Acquisition of Silita assets, owned by ABN AMRO


Financial advisor to the buyer






Gbs Finanzas acted as financial advisor to Logoplaste in the acquisition of Silita assets, owned by ABN AMRO. Logoplaste is a Portuguese group involved in the production, processing and marketing of plastic containers of blowing and injection intended for use in the food industry, using materials such as PET. Logoplaste is specialized in the production of such containers ‘in house’ and ‘near by’ for its customers. Silita was a company owned by ABN Amro Capital, at that time in voluntary insolvency proceedings. This company had the contracts for the manufacture and supply of PET containers ”in house”, with the companies Sos Cuetara, S.A., Olilán, S.A. And Aceites Coosur, S.A. Given the difficulty of finding a buyer of Silita, GBS Finanzas acted as the financial advisor in the transmission of contracts for the” in-house” production of containers in the companies Sos Cuétara, Coosur and Olilán.