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When is it important to have a global picture of your heritage?

Keys for the good management of your patrimony, monitoring and consolidation of positions with the correct choice of holders.

The figure of the depositary is fundamental. The offer is huge and it is important to leave to the professionals the choice of who should guard your heritage.

Financial institutions with total solvency are usually responsible for this task, so essential for the proper functioning of the savings industry.

Historically, there is a very good relationship between depository entities and family offices such as GBS Finance, the joint work and the agile communication between both are the result of a successful management that ends in customer satisfaction.

In a global market like today’s where it is common to have diversified depositary risk in different national and international entities, it is vital to work with a family office that organizes all these accounts to the client with a consolidated picture of their positions.

This work is a source of added value, due to that depositaries usually offer a reporting of their positions only and exclusively.

Having a 360º view of your global portfolio will prevent you from incurring risks such as overweighting in certain assets or geographic areas, duplications that arise due to ignorance of positions in other entities.

Offering a global and orderly vision of the current situation of the client consists of analyzing, evaluating and making recommendations on:

  • Bank distribution. Size and costs of each depository.
  • Analysis of the portfolio versus the main benchmarks.
  • Exposure by type of asset, by geographical area and by currency.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the products in the portfolio.
  • Analysis of the actual costs incurred by the entity.

The changes and improvements will be based on the conclusions that we will obtain after a monitoring and consolidation of the client’s portfolio where they will be considered all the risk profiles in the different entities.The exercise of grouping the positions in a single photo and evaluating the portfolio as a whole, offers to the manager a much more detailed point of view and allows take unified decisions without losing the real investment objective.

Nowadays, more and more entities are changing their direction to redirect their strategies and become financial consultants as well as product suppliers.

This change is thanks to the growing demand of the client for a global management where all the issues are taken into account and the information has to be clear, concise and consolidated.

GBS Finance, from his foundation in 2003 offering a model where communication between the client and GBS prevails over everything.

We have seen recently that one of the largest entities in the world has restructured its private banking area, creating a subgroup for high net worth, to offer, among other things, a portfolio aggregation service at a global level.

The important investment made by entities such as this makes us trust that the GBS Finance model continues in the right direction.