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M&A activity in the restaurant industry can present unique challenges for investors and companies, such as the highly fragmented nature of the market and intense competition in some segments. However, there are also significant opportunities for those who can identify and capitalize on emerging trends in the industry.


Our team focused on the restaurant industry has completed more than XXX transactions in the firm’s 30+ years. With in-depth industry knowledge, we have helped numerous companies achieve their strategic plans in the pursuit of synergies, access to new markets, consolidation and increased efficiency.


Pedro Gómez de Baeza


Juan Antonio Samaranch

Founding partner

Pablo Gómez de Pablos

Managing partner
Latest Restaurants Transactions
GBS Finance advised Árima on the friendly public takeover offer (OPA) launched by JSS Real Estate
GBS Finance acted as the exclusive advisor to Ingenios Santos
GBS Finance advises Quadrante Group on the acquisition of Ambconsult
GBS Finance advises QUADRANTE Group on the sale of a stake to Henko Partners